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New Life Center

Over a thousand women and their children enter the doors of New Life Center each year seeking immediate safety and emergency shelter from violent or abusive situations. The partnership between New Life Center and For Those Without a Voice has afforded these families with not only an escape from violence, but so much more.

Kelli Hernandez, Community Development Director for New Life Center freely expresses her gratitude; For Those Without a Voice has been one of the longest and most generous supporters over the years. She adds that without their support, their success rate of 95% of families choosing not to return to abusive environments would not be possible. Each year, money raised by FTWAV goes toward supporting the general operating funds of New Life Center which contribute to the services, safety, and support of families ranging from basic shelter, living needs, advocacy, and interim child care on site. From the provision of backpacks stuffed with school supplies and basic necessities to bed linens, towels, clothing, and even Christmas gifts, FTWAV has consistently been there to help.

Each year, the Annual Gala hosted by For Those Without a Voice raises community awareness and support of New Life Center and its commitment to families at risk. The 2015 Annual Gala dinner and auction had a particularly strong impact, raising money to help cover general funds as well as the donation of a Toyota Prius, transforming how services are provided. According to Ms. Hernandez, they can take women to doctors appointments, help them pick up prescriptions and take them to enroll their kids in school—to do everyday things that women and mothers do. The Annual Gala also provided New Life Center with the chance to transform their food program by overhauling the food pantry, making it more practical and accessible for families.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of New Life Center. With a shared goal of serving some of Arizonas most vulnerable populations, the partnership between New Life Center and For Those Without a Voice will undoubtedly continue to profoundly impact the lives of those most in need.

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Kurt & Brenda Warner | First Things First

Since its inception in 2001, Kurt and Brenda Warner have provided encouragement to the underserved, underprivileged, and terminally ill through outreach programs such as Were Going to Disney World! According to Marci Pritts with the foundation, For Those Without a Voice has been great friends of First Things First.

Each year since 2009, For Those Without a Voice has partnered with the like-minded foundation, providing a $25,000 grant to help underwrite the costs of flights to Orlando for children with life threatening illnesses. FTWAV help make it possible for these children and their families to experience the magical world of Disney and a stress-free week of fun and laughter with the Warners and their children. 2015 marked the 13th year of the First Things First Foundation and sixth year partnering with For Those Without a Voice.
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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Since the early 1990s, Linda Searles, Executive Director of Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center has made it her mission to rescue and rehabilitate injured, displaced, or orphaned wildlife. But, she cannot do it alone. With similar passion and concern for Arizonas wildlife, its no wonder why For Those Without a Voice should get involved.

Linda is grateful for the shared passion between the two organizations. For Those Without a Voice can see the whole picture. They understand concerns of the wild, our mission, and the importance of the rescue and release of animals to their natural habitat. Its one reason why its been such a great partnership.

The efforts of SWCC are ambitious and contributions from FTWAV have impacted the centers mission in a variety of ways including rebuilding animal rehabilitation enclosures and providing materials and supplies. Most recently the partnership of FTWAV and TC Schuttler completed the reconstruction, expansion, and remodel of a new hospital–without which, improving the quality of life and return to wildlife would likely not be possible. While SWCC had it own veterinary hospital on grounds it was very small and not equipped to handle the volume or complicated medical procedures desperately needed for injured and orphaned wild animals. With no place else to go for help FTWAV and TC Schuttler came to the rescue. They offered to not only remodel the existing hospital, but to build a brand new, state of the art addition. Once completed, this hospital will be a dream come true for SWCC.

2015 brought another special addition to the center when FTWAV donated a Toro ATV. Now, the necessity of hauling feed, or dirt or even to lift a 500 lb bear across the property is made tremendously easier. Thanks to the support of FTWAV, donors, and volunteers, numerous animals have received the love, support, and medical care needed to be released back into their natural habitat.

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children

Chrisie Funari, President & Founder
When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing their family should have to concern themselves with is the costs involved with treatment. Chrisie Funari, President and Founder of Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children knows first hand what families experience during such an unimaginable, impossible time.

After losing their daughter, Ava to cancer, the Funaris started the non-profit foundation that supports children with cancer, right here in Arizona. Their mission is simple: to end pediatric cancer. Their goal is to make a difference by providing funding for research and travel assistance.

Their partnership with For Those Without a Voice began almost immediately upon inception in 2013. Their financial support has helped to expand the foundations travel assistance program for families traveling in and outside of Arizona for treatments. Part of that support also lends to the construction of Sunshine Packs that go to each child during their treatments. Items such as blankets, coloring books and crayons, even iPads and other age appropriate things are included in the packs, which provide some sense of comfort and distraction for patients receiving care.

Support from two annual events has helped jump start the program, allowing AZ Cancer Foundation for Children to help even more families and give even more financial assistance for out of state travelers. With $15,000 sponsored thus far from For Those Without a Voice and its supporters, the foundation is well on its way to making the difference with families who really need it.