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Ways to help

From donating $20 for new bed sheets or $10,000 toward a car, (see New Life Center); to spending time putting together sack lunches for students in low-income neighborhoods, or supporting a wildlife medical clinic, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Check out some of our success stories and current projects for ways YOU can make a difference.


With a variety of ways to help, your level of participation is up to you and will make an impact. You can give a monetary donation or help with one of our many events occurring throughout the year through the donation of your time and other resources.

Donate Why your help matters

Give voice to those without. We think you would agree that no child or animal should ever needlessly suffer. Yet, they do, everyday. They have no means, no voice, to speak out against their mistreatment. But we can speak for them. By supporting us, your voice will speak to them in both words and acts of kindness. Together we will add our voices to a greater chorus of those who take a stand for innocence in all its forms. Please help us to help them.Write a check today. Because if we dont speak for them, who will?

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