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FTWAV About Us 1

Our Impact & Focus

We are an action-oriented organization that gets things done with urgency. Once a cause or need is brought to our attention, it is our goal to provide immediate results while keeping all proceeds in Arizona and dedicated to the cause.


Children and teens need not be perpetual victims. Whether it’s helping homeless children with education, providing food bags, or supplying clothes, we support the programs that give kids the opportunity to rise above their life conditions and grow into promising futures.

  • AZ Cancer Foundation for Children
  • Cardons Childrens Hospital (Poke prizes)
  • Arizona Helping Hands
  • Fall Food Drive (Phoenix S.D) Over 2000 food bags compiled & donated during fall break, 2015).
  • Backpack drive — school supplies


Families under duress are oftentimes put in unlivable situations and in need of urgent support. By providing safety, shelter, and resources, those experiencing threatening, violent, or otherwise harmful situations can get the immediate help they need.

  • New Life Center (underwear drive, bed sheet drive, and more)
  • First Things First (airfare to Disney World)


Whether a bear, bobcat or coyote, wild animals alike deserve to be treated with kindness and to live happy, healthy lives.

  • SW Wildlife (new rehabilitation enclosures, Toro off-road vehicle, supplies and more)
  • Phoenix Fire Department: Fido bags (animal rescue bags)
  • 100 Club — Dog training for the Sexual Crime Division


  • Phoenix Fire Dept: drowning prevention/pool fences
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (Phoenix School District)
  • Best Buddies


As a non-profit organization, 100% of proceeds stay in Arizona and go directly to our target population; Arizona’s children and animals living with distressing circumstances.


To reverse misfortunes and secure promising futures for Arizona’s children and animals.

How we do it

We pride ourselves in taking a direct approach to community involvement by seeking out populations, projects, and programs with urgent needs and proven results. Both direct financial support and our affiliation with specialized organizations that align with our goals and values, help us to improve the quality of life for Arizona’s most vulnerable residents; children and animals.


FTWAV About Us 2

For Those Without A Voice is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization founded by Petrice T.C Schuttler in 2003. The foundations original efforts supported the care of elephants living in sanctuaries and zoos. Since then, our focus has expanded to serve populations unique to Arizona, specifically, children and animals; our most defenseless populations without the means, or voice, to speak out against the conditions of misfortune, neglect, abuse, or homelessness they endure.


The variety of sponsors who support our cause demonstrate the vast commitment to bettering the lives of children and animals in our local communities. We thank you for your continued support.

  • L. Roy Papp & Associates
  • GCON, Inc.
  • Wilhelm Automotive
  • United Phoenix Firefighters Association
  • Scottsdale Financial Group
  • Danny Cuzick – Cuzick Jewelers
  • Sherman & Howard, LLC
  • New Life Center
  • Sanctuary on Camelback



Our Team

FTWAV TC Schuttler

TC Schuttler — Founder

FTWAV TC Shari Miller

Shari Miller — Director

FTWAV TC Gina Liebeck

Gina Liebeck — Director